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Support, Community, Resources, and Scholarships for Children with Autism

The ahug Foundation is here to help! Thanks to generous donations and sponsors we help provide Autism-centric resources and tools to families and children with Autism.

Thanks for your Support!

Thanks to generous donations and sponsors, the ahug Foundation provides families with:

  • Resources for Early Intervention
  • Swim lessons
  • AngelSense – a GPS tracker
  • Scholarships to private schools for children with Autism
  • Cord blood storage
  • Education on Autism through case studies
  • Speech therapy scholarships.

Apply for Resources, Tools, Scholarships and More to Help Your Child

If you’d like to apply for help with any of these services or products, please fill out our simple form below and we’ll contact you.

How You Can Help Families with Autism

Your gift can make a difference in the life of a family and a child diagnosed with Autism. The ahug Foundation relies on the generosity of people like you to continue our outreach, support families and provide resources and tools to families.