Cason, the Inspiration for ahug Foundation

ahug was founded on behalf of and for our blessing, my son, Cason. When he was diagnosed as Autistic, I had many emotions. I truly had no idea what that meant for him or for our family. I was in a lost place and didn’t know where to turn to help him. Many of the days I often questioned if I was handling his needs the “right way” or if I was even on the right track. It was a very unsettling place.

It is the forever goal for all parents to ensure you are giving your child exactly what they need to help them in any instance. However, this was all so foreign to me and all I could do was hope I was taking the right steps. Through this foundation, I hope to guide families who need assistance and guidance. I want ahug to be a place where you can find out all the needed information in one place. It is my belief that our family, our voice and our assistance with the children and families dealing with autism is our calling.

Our number one priority is Cason. I have fought and will continue to fight for him every day.