There’s Help Out There: Paying for the Best Possible Education for Your Child

Education is such an important part of our children’s lives. As parents, we do everything to ensure our children have all life has to offer. Just because your child has Autism does not mean that dream changes.

It has always been important for me to send Cason to a private school where I felt he would receive the best education possible. When he was diagnosed with ASD, I felt my choices were taken away because now he had to attend a school that was really expensive, or he had to attend public school not based on his need but based on where we lived or zoned. One night while researching potential schools I stumbled across a testimonial written by a teacher at Cypress Christian Academy who had interned at The Westview School. I called Westview the next day. However, my son attended Westview for a year before I knew they offered scholarships, and tuition starts at around $23,000.00 a year. I believe if more parents knew about the resources and scholarships available that more children could benefit from a school like Westview. My advice is to ask a potential school about scholarships or funding available to offset tuition. There’s more help out there than we know.